About Allied

Allied Stainless is a manufacturer of commercial metal
products, primarily for the food service and restaurant industry.  Our nationwide presence
allows us to provide services and custom stainless products to a stand-alone restaurant as well as large
national restaurant chains representing both company and franchise stores.

Our commitment to excellence starts with state of the art design engineering
that migrates to quality fabrication and can also include installation support.
Each of these phases is interwoven with our safety and quality programs to
insure every order meets your standards.

Design Engineering

Our Design team can work with you in the concept phase of your project.

  • We can work from a standard drawing or your custom specifications
  • We provide a CAD drawing, 3 Dimensional rendering as well as
    specifications before moving forward on your custom product.

Quality Fabrication

Our investment in equipment enables us to provide a wide range of products
that are used on a commercial basis daily:

  • Serving counters
  • Prep equipment and tables
  • Sinks & more

Installation Support

Our commitment to you does not stop at our shipping dock. We are your partner and as
such will work with you through project completion.

Safety and Quality

Quality and Safety are the governing principles in our business.  Our
employees represent our greatest asset and as such we will always follow our
safety guidelines. 

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the written word; We are NSF
certified and are routinely inspected to insure compliance.